Ministry of Railways 
Government of India
Applications are invited  from eligible Indian Nationals for the
following posts.

Section Engineer(P.Way)
Section Engineer(Works)
Section Engineer (Bridge)
Section Engineer (Drawing) Civil
Section Engineer(Estimator) /Chief Estimator
Sr.Section Engineer (Metallurgical)
Section Engineer (Chemical)
Section Engineer(Automobile)
Section Engineer(Electronics)
Section Engineer(Mechanical)
Section Engineer(Mill Wright)
Section Engineer(Welder)
Section Engineer(Mechanical)Design
Section Engineer(Loco)
Section Engineer(Mechanical Workshop)
Section Engineer(S & T) Workshop
Section Engineer(Carr. & Wagon)
Section Engineer(Diesel Mechanical)
Section Engineer Mechanical (O & M)
Section Engineer(Fitter)
Section Engineer(Mechanical/Electrical)
Section Engineer 20-35(Diesel Electrical)
Section Engineer(Drg. Mechanical)
Section Engineer(Electrical)
Section Engineer(Electrical) TRD
Section Engineer(Electrical) TRS
Section EngineerElectrical / (Drg.)
Section Engineer(Electrical) Drg. &Design
Section Engineer(Electrical)General / TRD / TRS
Section EngineerWorkshop (Electrical)
Section Engineer(Electrical) Design
Section Engineer(S & T) Drg.
Section Engineer(Drg.) Electrical
Section Engineer(Signal)
Section Engineer(S&T)
Section Engineer Design (S&T)
Section Engineer(Tele)
Section Engineer (Track Machine)
Section Engineer(Printing Press)
Junior Engineer-I(Design) Civil
Junior Engineer-II Sr Estimator
Junior Engineer-II (Workshop)
Junior Engineer-II(P.Way)
Junior Engineer-II(Works)
Junior Engineer-II(Bridge)
Junior Engineer-II(Design / Civil)
Junior Engineer-II(Drawing / Civi)
Junior Engineer-II(Mechanical)
Junior Engineer-II(Fitter)
Junior Engineer-II(Machinist)
Junior Engineer-II(TR Fitter)
Junior Engineer-II(Welder)
Junior Engineer-II(Mill Wright)
Junior Engineer-II /Mechanical (O & M)
Junior Engineer-II(Carr. & Wagon) /Drg
Junior Engineer-II (Mech. CADCAM)
Junior Engineer-II(Mechanical)Electrical Wing
Junior Engineer-II(S&T) Workshop
Junior Engineer-II(MechanicalWorkshop)
Junior Engineer-II(MechanicalFitter /Painter / TL Fitter /Welder)
Junior Engineer-II(Workshop)
Junior Engineer-II(Carr. & Wagon)
Junior Engineer-II(Diesel Mechanical)
Junior Engineer-II(Drg. Mechanical)
Junior Engineer -II(Diesel Electrical)
Junior Engineer-II (Design Mechanical)
Junior Engineer-II(Design & Drawingl)Mechanical
Junior Engineer-II(Mechanical Design)
Junior Engineer-II(Metallurgical)
Junior Engineer-II(Chemical)
Junior Engineer-II(Automobile)
Junior Engineer-II(Electronics)
Junior Engineer-II(Electrical)
Junior Engineer-II(Electrical) General /TRS / TRD
Junior Engineer-II(Electrical) TRD
Junior Engineer-IIWorkshop (Electrical
Junior Engineer-II(Drg.) Electrical
Junior Engineer-II(Drg.& Design)
Junior Engineer-II(Design) Electrical
Junior Engineer-IIElectrical (CADCAM)
Junior Engineer-II(Design) Electronics
Junior Engineer-I(Design) Electrical
Junior Engineer-II(Signal)
Junior Engineer -II (Tele)
Junior Engineer-II(InformationTechnology)
Junior Engineer-II(S & T) Drg.
Junior Engineer-II (Design) S & T
Junior Engineer-II(Track Machine)
Junior Engineer -II(Printing Press)
Depot Material Suptd. Gr.I
Depot Material Suptd. Gr.III
Senior P.WaySupervisor
Last Date:- 05-04-2010 upto 17.30 hrs.(Candidate Belonging East State and I lend 20-04-2010 upto 17.30 hrs.)
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